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The Thomas M. Kohler award was  established following his death in December 2004.  Mr. Kohler was an instrumental member of The Alumni Varsity "E" Club for many years.  He served as the club's Treasurer for 32 years and was a member of the "Chain Gang," where he could be found along the sidelines of Cottingham Stadium for 38 years.  The Varsity "E" Club and the football team joined to honor players in Mr. Kohler's memory. 

The award was initially given in February 2005, and every year since, in honor of a standout scholar-football player.  The award is given at the annual football team banquet.  The coaching staff selects the winning athlete based on classroom achievement and grades, along with exemplary work ethic on the football field during both games and practices.

2004    Kevin Danko

2005    David Mazzie

2006    Jonathon Baltz

2007    Gary Fish

2008    Chad Gruver

2009    Kyle Frankenfield

2010    Ben Lorigan

2011    Jeremy Swick

2012    Tyler Greene

2013    Justin Weldon

2014    Forrest Myers 

2015    Luke Daub

2016    Ben Nimeh

2017    Raseem Bass

2018    Enzo Martellucci

2019    Alden Fries

2020    Jaden Kelley

2021   Michael Hynes

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