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James Noble, Easton Area High School Class of 1937, was the captain and quarterback of the Red Rovers in 1936 and let them to a 7-1-1 record.  He lettered in football and basketball for three years and was a member of the Drama Club his senior year.

He went on to Fordham University where he again was the starting quarterback.  These were the years when Fordham was a national football power.  One of his teammates was a 175 lb. left guard named Vincent Lombardi  While playing for Fordham, James Noble was discovered by Hollywood talent scouts and offered roles in motion pictures.  However, World War II came before James could graduate from Fordham.  He became an Army Air Force pilot and met his heroic death in aerial combat with the enemy.  

The James V. Noble Award is given yearly by the Alumni Varsity "E" Club to the football player selected by the Coaching Staff.

1952    Arthur Kreitz

1953    Rocco Fraccica

1954    John Gutzweiler

1955    Angelo Curcio

1956    Richard Remaly

1957    Charles Hazen

1958    George Hellick

1959    Bruce Lippincott

1960    Michael Gargone

1961    Robert Milkovitz

1962    Michael Barnhardt

1963    Scott Reitnauer

1964    Joseph Puccio

1965    Frank Freidl

1966    Robert Shriver

1967    Michael Jones

1968    Richard Lehr

1969    Jay Golden Jr.

1970    Eugene Ketchen

1971    Allen Ciambrone

1972    Stanley Werkheiser

1973    Daniel Finnochio

1974    Timothy VanSyckle

1975    Christopher Kohl

1976    John Critelli

1977    Todd Comstock

1978    James Kilpatrick

1979    Ronald Casciole

1980    Edwin Donaldson

1981    Curtis Neel

1982    Brian Clifford

1983    Dale Mack

1984    Terry Powell

1985    Mark Purdy

1986    Michael Frank

1987    Michael Mineo

1988    Michael Cole

1989    Daniel Caravetta

1990    Shawn Storm

1991    Edward Tadajweski

1992    Matthew Evancho

1993    Scott Ordway

1994    Ryan Bass

1995    Kyle Geiger

1996    Joshua Miller

1997    Keith White

1998    David King

1999    John Pinto

2000    Todd Avant

2001    Jesse Pellegrino

2002    Thomas Meuser

2003    Lance Torres

2004    Ovid Goulbourne

             Todd Kresge

2005    Andrew Cuenco

2006    Christopher Casciole

             Michael Anderson

2007    Colin White    

2008    Cody Meuser

2009    Patrick Murphy

2010    Zack Bambary

             Conor Mulrine

2011    Chevrick Graham

2012    Xavier Jenkins

2013    Kyle Bambary

2014    Michael Fleming

2015    Craig Stahlecker

2016    Liam Ekoko

2017    Jakob Herres

2018    Albert Gayle

2019   Giovanni Raso

2020   Tamir Jackson

2021   Cole Transue

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