Listed below are the players and coaches that have been selected to play in the Annual Big 33 All-Star Football Game.  The game in annually held at HersheyPark Stadium in Hershey, PA.  Each year Pennsylvania's top talent takes on a group of talented athletes from an opposing state.

Year Name College
  Wayne Grube (Coach)  
  Bob Shriver (Coach)  
  Steve Shiffert (Coach)  
1957 Daniel Gelbert Duke
1958 Bill Houston Florida A&M
1958 Bob Renner North Carolina
1959 Pete Americus  
1959 Terry Bartolet Harvard
1960 Charles Weaver William & Mary
1961 Raymond Rissmiller Georgia
1962 Jim Jones Pittsburgh
1964 Karl Bell Maryland
1967 John Cappellano Duke
1968 Phil Noto Lafayette
1969 Joe Parsons Princeton
1969 Bob Pilz North Carolina
1971 Mike Daley North Carolina St.
1979 Bob Moore Cincinnati
1979 Jim Presto Temple
1980 Lendell Jones Maryland
1987 Curtis Wilson  
1988 Anthony Guadagnino Fort Union Military Academy
1990 Jeff Staton Temple
1992 Mark Libiano East Carolina
1993 Juan Gaddy Temple
1996 Leandrew Holmes Connecticut
1997 Vince Azzolina Wake Forrest
2000 Dave Williams Ohio University
2004 Domenique Price Bloomsburg
2008 Jarred Holley Pittsburgh


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